AXO Systems initially focuses on the development of the communication service, its implementation, further development and maintenance. The basis of the information system is only laid once the service has been completed. This means that only the rough parameters have been defined so far.

The idea is the development of a program that can be used universally in all areas - in public administration as well as by lawyers and doctors. This is a basic program which is extended by so-called plug-ins in order to be usable for the corresponding sector. For example, the "Medicine" extension module is activated for a medical information system so that interfaces to external programs, documentation of diagnoses, billing, statistics and much more are possible. As a result, there are other extension modules for the other branches.

The interface should be intuitive. Cooperation with representatives from the individual sectors will be necessary in order to take into account individual needs in the layout as well as in the handling of the program and special requests. Both classic desktop systems and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will be supported. Security in the transmission of this data is guaranteed by modern encryption.

The basis for this is laid to the highest standards, so that the database itself is encrypted on the data carriers and the data that is exchanged with each other (within the authority, law firm or practice) is also encrypted. If data is exchanged with other institutions that already use our communication system, this is handled via our communication service as standard. This ensures compliance with the GDPR and other industry-specific data protection regulations. Furthermore, the basic program should be scalable so that it can work at the same speed even in small and large environments. This is achieved by combining modern software development technologies with contemporary hardware architectures. As a result, splitting databases or networking locations is no problem, whether it is a centralized database accessed via VPN or two self-sufficient systems that exchange data via a secure connection. In this way, the highest possible efficiency is achieved, both in terms of speed and data transfer.

If you have any questions about this application or requests, you are welcome to send an e-mail directly to the person responsible for planning and development at or alternatively use the usual communication channels.