AXO Systems

Security in Motion

By founding AXO Systems in 2022, we aimed to push ahead with digitalization in Germany, not only in the medical and judicial sectors but also in public administration at state and federal level. The basic prerequisite for this involves creating solutions that guarantee the secure exchange of information via the Internet. In addition to the use of strong and up-to-date encryption, ensuring legal security is also essential. The native support of such a communication service must be provided by suitable software. Developing an information system that natively supports such a communication service is the second long-term focus of AXO Systems.

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Communication Service

The development of a secure communication service with the special feature of legal security is a fundamental component of the digitization strategy in Germany. In addition to full end-to-end encryption using digital signatures as the primary security feature, the aim is also to make the service scalable and expandable. Specifically, this makes it possible to implement new features and extensions as well as interfaces to other services quickly and easily. A high degree of flexibility means that our solution can be operated in both simple and complex environments.

Information System

The development of our communication service lays the groundwork for the creation of an integrated solution for an information and communication system. The initial focus is on the healthcare, justice and public administration sectors. Modern technologies are used so that this system is scalable on any scale. With our software, we offer a high-performance solution with intuitive operation that is highly compliant with data protection regulations. The secure exchange between the information systems will in turn take place via our communication service.

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